GREEN STRING offers a complete range of professional consulting services to ensure buying of quality product at competitive price from reliable source with on-time delivery. Some of the prime services offered to our buyers are:

  • Manufactured from ethical trading reputed fully compliant factories in Bangladesh.
  • Sample development: Prototype samples as per buyers spec sheet. On acceptance follow up pre-production samples, mid-production samples and pre-shipment samples.
  • Fabric sourcing for price and quality approval.
  • Fabric tests:
    All fabrics are carefully tested by our quality specialists for fabric strength, colour fastness, flammability, and other parameters set by our clients to ensure product satisfaction:

    1. By buyer specified or third parties for colour fastness tests such as- Bureau Verities Consumer Products Services (BD) Ltd or by ITS Lab test Bangladesh Ltd or by SGS Bangladesh Ltd.
    2. Fabric Match to Sunlight and Spectra Light.
    3. Dimensional Stability to Domestic Washing.
    4. Tear- Strength Test in Elmendorf Tester.
    5. Spirality or Skewness testing.
    6. Print durability and dyes strength.

  • Production:
    GREEN STRING’s experts strictly monitor the manufacturing process from input yarn, fabric, dyeing, wash, pattern, cutting, stitching to the finished product end to end with expertise to fulfil targets on time.
  • Quality inspections are carried out at input, middle and packaging stages by our highly trained QC’s.
  • Logistical and shipment handling.
  • Monitoring of shipment and the delivery status.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Attention to compliance.
  • Extensive product knowledge.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to change.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • We make sure that our Clients get their goods on time.
  • We give you online access to track the production status real time.