Based in London, today GREEN STRING is presenting its services around the globe to the world renowned buyers. We have expanded rapidly and are equipped with professionals specifically trained for providing Sourcing, Quality Assurance and a complete solution to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

We enable you to select and order your products here in the UK, saving you the time and expense of traveling to the country of manufacture, while avoiding problems resulting from communication or cultural barriers. Your product will always be produced according to our stringent ethical manufacturing and trading policies. All our factories have a sound structure and are fully compliant to international standards set.

Samples can be turned around within 1-2 weeks. From approved sample to shipment – we complete the production and ship the items within 90-120 days for first time buyers and 75-90 days on repeat orders. We’re here to make sure you get your product in-store and online to meet demand.

Our London office will be the first point of contact between you and our sourcing team who based on your initial design idea will source you with most cost effective price for your product.

Our vastly experienced Dhaka based team with extensive product development abilities will deal with production, quality control, logistics and shipment to deliver a high quality finished product on time and on budget.

Our Strengths:

  • We have our own factories from producing fabric, dying, washing, stitching, printing, packaging, logistics etc.
  • All factories have a sound construction and are fully compliant to international standards.
  • We practice a strict code of Ethical Trading.
  • Our projects have one Head of Operations and highly expert teams from Skilled Floor Staff to Highly competent Quality Controllers etc. who give efficient and on time quality production of garments every time.
  • High quality and unbeatable price.
  • Offices in London and Bangladesh.
  • Flexible and friendly to approach.